Machine Vision: Roles And Benefits

Posted by Admin on January, 17, 2023

The new technology, Machine Vision, allows for an AOI Automated optical Inspection that is primarily based on photographs. To put it another way, one of the most cutting-edge technologies available at the moment is the AOI. This article explains in detail what machine vision is and the benefits of AOI and many more.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision optics is a new technology that enables automatic inspections that are primarily based on images. It uses a wide range of techniques that are beneficial in the examination of diverse applications. These applications mostly involve process control, automated inspection, industrial robot guidance, and many other things.

We are all aware that modern vision inspection systems are fully automated. We're going to go into more depth about this system in this blog article and share it with you.

The Role of AOI

AOI is crucial to the creation of PCBs. It ensures that every board can deliver the high performance needed in intricate electrical applications.

The manual examination is manual, either with the naked eye or with the use of tools. These tools include optical microscopes, single-lens magnifiers, and optical comparators.

However, employing these tools necessitates moving the optics. This raises the risk of optic damage and also makes it impossible to discover defects statistically. As a result, each inspector renders a different verdict.

When this occurs, an AOI machine helps to expedite and simplify optical examination compared to the more cumbersome manual method. Before the preparation of the products for sale, they must pass through an optical examination.

Benefits of AOI

The following advantages of AOI are available for PCB manufacturing:

Assuring quality

AOI enables you to confirm the anticipated functionality of your PCB components. Increasing customer satisfaction, improving your company's reputation, and giving clients a piece of mind about the quality of the service.

Complex board evaluation

At Millenium Circuits, any board that has more than 100 components is subjected to AOI without delay. The human eye is incapable of inspecting complex board designs with the same level of accuracy as AOI.

Process improvement

If errors happen because of poor procedures, detecting them right away with AOI might help you spot patterns of errors. It can also aid with process adjustments before you produce thousands of defective circuit boards.


Although AOI is an automated process, the operator has the opportunity to establish parameters. These parameters instruct the scanner on what to look for. It's simple to tweak your parameters to locate the defects you need if your design requirements change.

Is there a distinction between computer vision and machine vision?

Both of these vision inspection systems operate very differently from one another after the process. In conclusion, where the interpretation of the data takes place. The distinction between computer vision and machine vision is fairly clear-cut and easy to understand.

When using a computer vision system, algorithms are employed throughout the entire processing. Unlike when using a machine vision system, which uses a camera to view the images.

The image is then given interpretations and additional components. It adds to ensuring that the data gathered about it is accurate and useful in all conceivable contexts.

Machine vision and AOI are also useful in industrial assessment. This eliminates the need to manually measure every part. As this is time-consuming in scenarios involving large-scale production.

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